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» » » Commission to Investigate into Complaints Regarding Missing Persons convenes for a third day

The Presidential Commission to Investigate into Complaints Regarding Missing Persons convened for a third day at the Mannar District Secretariat on Sunday, August 10, when several people turned out to testify before the commission.

Commission Secretary H.W. Gunadasa noted that 62 persons were called to give testimony to the commission and 46 persons turned up.

Bishop of Mannar Right Reverend Rayyappu Joseph, also expressed his views to the Commission on Sunday.

“Anything you are doing or what you appear to be doing must be acceptable to us. That is what I’m concerned about. We want to see that there is meaningful effort being made; and it’s going to result in something good towards reconciliation, which is the key point”.

Speaking to the media, Bishop Rayyappu Joseph expressed the following sentiments.

“If the individuals who have wronged the people come before them shedding tears and accept their mistakes, that is true reconciliation. It is through this that we will have true peace. Since the government and those in the government are working towards political purposes instead, the people who suffer don’t have solutions. ”

He said:”We do not see a true aspiration to resolve the problems of the Tamil people within them. This commission is a commission of the people who forced disappearances. That is the truth.”

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