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» »Unlabelled » Sri Lanka's economic growth: Thumbs up from IMF - Premier

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has endorsed Sri Lanka's economic growth as being one of the fastest among Asia's developing economies in recent years. The country's recent economic performance has been better than expected, Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne said.

The international community should not make unreasonable demands from Sri Lanka which has made a concerted effort in national reconciliation, he added.

Those making undue demands should know that Sri Lanka could not perform miracles overnight, the Prime Minister said, addressing delegates at the World Conference on Peace, Security and Development in Seoul, Korea on Saturday (Aug. 9).

He said resettlement and the reconciliation process guaranteed the hope of peace and harmony in society. "Sri Lanka has become the fastest developing country in South Asia opening avenues for safe investment opportunities," Prime Minister Jayaratne said.

He said the purpose of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is for the development of freedom, equality, dignity, justice, rights and the spirit of brotherhood in the world.

"I am proud to state that Sri Lanka has set an example to the world. Fighting against terrorism is fighting for peace, freedom and democracy. Terrorism destroys everything and gains nothing. Sri Lanka has made steady progress and achieved development in all spheres with the dawn of peace within a short period, beginning from 2009," the Premier told the delegates.

Prime Minister Jayaratne said having provided unmatched political leadership; President Mahinda Rajapaksa has made a concerted effort towards national reconciliation.

"Sri Lanka, certainly, can't perform miracles overnight and the international community should desist from making unreasonable demands from Sri Lanka. The President pledged to develop and strengthen the economy to make Sri Lanka, the Wonder of Asia," he said.

Peace and sustainable development are two facets of the same issue. Efforts to create sustainable peace are always faced with challenges.

Armed conflicts, civil wars, guerrilla wars, ethnic violence and separatist movements in the world have caused untold misery and death across many generations. Terrorist attacks threaten many people. Thousands of people die every year because of violence. If every citizen practices compassion, loving kindness and transformation of anger and hatred to establish a culture of peace, we probably could save several thousands of people each year from violent deaths," he said.

Sustainable peace building begins from fostering social and political inclusion, in order to reduce violence and war as much as possible.

Acknowledgement of past mistakes, calling for forgiveness, seeking justice, rebuilding brotherhood and sisterhood, re-establishing social system and communal structure on the basis of respect for equality will help efforts to realize sustainable peace and sustainable development, he said.

Courtesy : President Media Unit

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