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» » Northern and Eastern provinces hit by extreme drought

Residents of the Northern and Eastern Provinces as well as those in the North Central Province are being severely affected by the extreme drought conditions.


Water levels in tanks and rivers have decreased drastically due to the extreme dry weather, and water levels of wells have also decreased.

Farmers in the area have also been severely inconvenienced by this. The drought has also affected the animal population living in the area.

Areas such as Surangal, Maniarasankulam , Ayiliyadi and Wattamadu are facing a drinking water crisis.

Residents state that water is being distributed by bowsers. However, they charge that it does not occur on a daily basis.


The drought has also affected a number of areas in the Northern Province.

According to our correspondent, residents in a number of areas are suffering from a lack of drinking water as well as water for agricultural purposes.

The drought has also taken a toll on small scale fishermen as the water levels of the Inranamadu reserve dropped by 11 feet.

The water level of the Kanagambigai Tank has also decreased, according to our correspondent in the area.

Eight hundred families have been affected as a result of the water level of the Sundikulam receding.


The extreme weather has also had an effect on the Mullativu district as water levels of a number of tanks in the area have witnessed a sharp decrease.

Well water has become scarce and farmers have been severely inconvenienced due to the lack of water.

Water distribution takes place through the intervention of the Pradeshiya Sabha; however, residents claim that the water is insufficient to meet their daily water needs.

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