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» » » 1,292 vacancies prevail in universities for foreign students.

Higher Education Minister S.B.Dissanayake said, 1,292 vacancies prevail in the Sri Lanka universities for foreign students.

He said, five percent out of 100 percent is allocated accommodating foreign students to the universities.

However other than for science and medicine courses, there are vacancies for other courses, even though the Sri Lanka or foreign students possess with international qualifications have not applied was said.

41 vacancies exist for medicine and science courses, dental surgical course 3 vacancies, engineering and science course 62 vacancies, biological science 57 vacancies, computer science subject 11 vacancies exist, said Minister.

240 vacancies exist for arts subjects,  management courses 172 vacancies, courses on gem stone study 23 vacancies and 87 vacancies in physical science subjects was pointed out by Minister.

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