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» » » Train services to Madhu commences today

The railway line from Medawachchiya to Madhu will be declared open today. The Northen railway line was completely destroyed by the tiger terrorists in 1987 thereby severing the possibility of having links between the people of the North and South and facilitating their anti Sri Lankan indoctrination of the Northern people.

The destruction of this railway line greatly inconvenienced the Catholic community from attending the annual feast of the Madhu Church.

The distance of the railway track from Medawachchiya to Madhu is 43 kilometers. Construction of the track from Medawachchiya to Madu has been concluded under the first stage of the 106 kilometer railway line from Medawachchiya to Thalaimannar. The total cost of the first stage of the project was 81 million rupees.

General Manager of Railways B.P.A Ariyarathne said that a train will make its maiden journey to Madhu from the Anuradhapura Railway station at 9.00 O' Clock this morning. Ministers Basil Rajapakse and Kumara Welgama as well as the former Indian High Commissioner Ashok K. Kantha are scheduled to participate in the opening ceremony.

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