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» » Dept. of Registration of Persons says principals are late

he Department for the Registration of Persons says that the failure of school principals to handover applications on time in order to obtain national identity cards for students, has lead to several problems.

 Commissioner General of the Department, R.M.S. Sarath Kumara says that it has received only 7000 applications so far for national identity cards. Nearly 400,000 students are due to sit for the GCE Ordinary Level Examination this year. Commissioner General of the Department for the Registration of Persons, R.M.S. Sarath Kumara points out that the department has received only a few applications for national identity cards.

 Sarath Kumara said that the department will have to face a number of issues due to delays in handing over applications. The Commissioner General notes that applications have to be handed over before the 30th of this month to obtain national identity cards for students.

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