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» » TNA meets again on PC

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is meeting again late this evening to try and reach a consensus on the Northern Provincial Council ministers, TNA MP Suresh Premachandran told.
The TNA met several times this week to try and iron out differences over the ministerial appointments but failed to reach a consensus.

The leader of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Movement (TELO), Selvam Adaikalanathan, had announced earlier that he has decided to resign from his post over the provincial council ministerial dispute.

Attempts were made to allocate ministerial posts to all the constituent parties in the TNA including TELO.

However Adaikalanathan said that it was later decided at these meetings not to allocate a ministerial post to a member of TELO.

He said that the decision was seen as a betrayal to the TELO supporters who backed the party at the last provincial polls.

As a result he had decided to resign from his post as TELO leader.

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