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» » Wigneswaran stranded in Vavuniya

Northern Province Chief Minister elect C.V. Wigneswaran was left stranded for around three hours on Monday night at a Vavuniya fuel station where diesel had been pumped to his vehicle instead of petrol while he was returning to Colombo after a meeting in Jaffna, sources said.

 They said the vehicle carrying Mr. Wigneswaran along with MP A. Sumanthiran and Saravana Bhavan and arrived at the fuel station around 9 pm for refueling. At the fuel station, the vehicle had accidentally been refueled with diesel instead of petrol by an employee.

A mechanic had to be called in to rectify the matter after realizing that the wrong fuel was pumped. However, after repairing the petrol tank of the vehicle, the group had resumed their journey to Colombo past midnight

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