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» » » Mannar Renovated Holy Cross Church celebrated its First Festival on 20-09-2013,-Picture

The above Roman Catholic  Church which was laid its first Holy Cross by Saint Xavier’s Missionary in the past 468 years back. This  was demolished its piousness once the majority of the  Mannar public left to India as refugees in 1982  

After the ethnic war ended in 2009,  Rev Fr. Davarajah Koduthore and  Rev Fr, Jasurajah initiated to renovate this age old small chapel in the Kurusu kadal area at Moor street in Mannar.  In 2011  the devoted catholic  decided to rebuilt this small chapel . 
Today under the patronage of the  Cathedral  Parish Priest , Rev Fr.Peppi Sosai and Rev Fr. Peter Manoharan   the Parish Priest of St.lucia Church , Pallimunai   jointly  consecrated the  First Festival Holy mass in the sea side church. Large number of devotees from Pallimunai , mannar and  Thalvupadu participated. 

Rev Fr. Peter Manoharan who brought a new Holy cross from Rome and it was laid in the alter to make richer in the faith of fishing folks.  Most of the fishermen before they sail their fishing vessel come to this church and pray for their safety and for a good catch.  
In Mannar Island , 68% of population are Catholic, whose great forefathers are martyrs of this soil.
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