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» » » » Trade Exhibition In Mannar Stadium for Three Days,

Ministry of Fisheries & Aquatic Research have organized a Grand Trade Exhibition in Mannar Stadium from Friday 26/7/13 to Sunday 28/7/13. Many private Traders from Colombo have exhibited their Marketing Products at the exhibition, most of the exhibits are different brand of  Motor cycle, Cars, Vans, Tractors, Fishing boats, Tourist boats and  Passenger boats etc.
Meththa Artificial Limbs Fitting Unit which is functioning in Mannar  General Hospital  have put  up a stall in the exhibition ground in  order to give awareness to the general public to take care from road accidents, as after the last two years of development more road accidents are taking place and public loss their limbs in Mannar and  in Northern Province.
Next week Meththa Mobile unit will visit to Chillaw   district for five days on the invitation of Lions Club to  take measurements, Cast  the limbs, do fitting  and  give gait training   to the  affected disabled .

Mr.Peter Sinclair,
Liaison Officer                                                                                    
Meththa   Rehabilitation  Foundation  (Guarantee) Ltd.
Mannar   General  Hospital , Mannar.

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