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» » » What will be the reply by the government to the wailing relatives?

A protest was held today at Vavuniya insisting the release of Tamil political prisoners and to trace the missing relatives. This massive protest was held on the leadership of the coordinated federations of "Finding the missing relatives" in the north and east and to notify the actual situation to Geneva.

 The protesters were on a protest appealing to find their missing relatives assembled at Vavuniya Town council premises today morning and preceded towards the District Secretariat to handover a entreaty to Government Agent. Police did not permit them to enter the office, and Government Agent Bandula Harichandra refused to accept the petition by meeting the people even from outside However some representatives on behalf of the protestors could meet him was the information given by him is according to sources.

 The people who were assembled with much anguish and pain said how the Government Agent could execute our necessities when he cannot understand our sensation and our misery. Many questions were raised from those attended the protest, querying where is our children? Show them to us” the relatives sobbing and moaning were helpless and perturbed that a Government Agent who is in their region to serve them is unable to understand their feelings, and why should he prolong to serve them. At this state, until their supplication is handed over to the Government Agent, the distressed protestors did not want to leave the locality, protested chanting with their pleas and it was pathetic to witness as they were seated in the boiling heat in the roadways.

 In view of this protest, the transportation through A9 road got obstructed. Due to this tension prevailed in the surrendering area of District Secretariat. Ultimately Vavuniya District Additional Government Agent was compelled to take over the petition, because people demanded until our appeal consisting demands is accepted they would not budge from the A9 road and were continuing their protest. Along with hundreds of relatives of missing persons, Tamil National Alliance parliament members E.Saravanabawan, Sivasakthi Ananthan, Vino Nogarathalingam and religious dignitaries including public attended the protest.


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